Return of the Mack (Three Angels Woodfired Pizzeria)

Three Angels Woodfired Pizzeria
17 Salisbury Avenue

So after a long absence from the blogging scene, Fresh Bread returns, with a promotion (at work, so… not interesting to the blog), a new address (the Far East….ern suburbs of Melbourne), a new focus (covering restaurants and cooking east of Warrigal Road – as in, where The Age staff writers wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole since they require a Zone 2 Myki investment), and the same boyfriend (what up Mr Behemoth!).

Perhaps I should explain some of that.

Due to the landlord selling our share house, the move from South Melbourne out to Blackburn went well a few weeks ago, although the process of getting our bond back from what must be the most incompetent property managers of all time seems to be dragging out somewhat… although I digress. No wait, I’ll follow this tangent a little further – I would damn well make an excellent property manager. Here’s all the things that I do at work, that they don’t seem to do:

  • respond to emails
  • keep important documents (ours lost the condition report!)
  • respond to phone calls
  • be organised and actually do my work, not take five months to call a plumber
  • act professionally at all times.

I have no doubt we’ll eventually get our bond back, because we’ve done everything right along the way, including cleaning the place we lived in until it literally shone – you know in cartoons or movies where someone smiles and the sun sparks off their teeth? It was like that.

Anyway, now we’re renting off my grandparents, and living in their amazing 60s house in Blackburn. I suppose I should show you how we celebrated our first night:

I always unpack the champagne flutes first, don't you?

Yes, that’s Mr B’s arm pouring some champagne.

Pizza. We have a huge love of pizza. So we thought we’d check out the local woodfired pizzeria (yes that’s right, The Age, woodfired pizza does exist outside a 10km radius of Spencer Street) which is located in the cute little group of shops facing Laburnum Station – there’s a great cafe Gourmet Girl (subject of a later review no doubt), a deli (Twig and Two Berries – ha!), Frank’s wine store, a fruit & veg, hairdresser, post office… and the Three Angels Woodfired Pizzeria, which has an interesting collection of reviews on Urbanspoon ranging from “best ever!” to “the owner is a crazy person”.

We wondered what would happen to us as we pushed open the door to order.

The transaction went smoothly however (yes, they do have eftpos) and we ordered a large chicken pizza and a large garlic prawn pizza (both $20, so… relatively expensive).

The decor in the restaurant – and you can eat in, although when we were there it was just the owner and offsider eating their dinner which made us feel a little awkward – is over the top, but in a good way. It’s kitsch and cluttered and fun to gaze around while waiting for takeaway pizzas.

We got the pizzas home and… well… the bases were really good, I thought. Really good. Good in that woodfired, crisp, thin yet chewy way.

and no black fluff thank goodness

“No Worries” – Garlic and prawn pizza with prosciutto

And a little black fluff, if we're being entirely truthful.

Chicken and pineapple pizza … with cheese. Lots of cheese.


The toppings… left something to be desired. Mr B’s chicken pizza, was essentially a molten lavaflow of cheese, with some dry bits of roast chicken, and some pinapple, and some unidentified black fluff which we’re sure wasn’t meant to be on the pizza and you can’t really see in the photos.

Mine was also very very cheesy, but a bit more balanced in terms of flavours – the garlic prawns were yummy and the pieces of prosciutto were also very enjoyable.

I think Rocket Pizza in South Melbourne ruined us with their “healthy” pizzas – they (Rocket) are minimalist with the cheese and these two pizzas just basically overwhelmed us with cheesestrosity. And we are cheese lovers!

It congealed, later on.

Cheesestrosity – unappetising when it congeals later in the fridge

Mr B was hungry, so he still ate his chicken pizza, even though it had black fluff (was it hair? We don’t like to ponder these things), but found it pretty tasteless. And in a sure sign that the pizzas didn’t float our boats, we had leftovers in the fridge for the next two or three days while we valiantly worked our way through them. Thing is, if we really like a pizza? We finish it on the night.

I’d go back, for the woodfired base alone. But I might pick a more minimalist pizza next time.

In terms of other reviewers, Hold the Peas visited and found the place quirky but enjoyed the food, trying one of the baked pasta dishes as well (“ziti”) which we are yet to do.

Three Angels Woodfire Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Return of the Mack (Three Angels Woodfired Pizzeria)

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, and welcome to the East side! I have heard good things about the tapas at Gourmet Girl but am yet to get there to try it for myself.

    • Thanks for the welcome – it’s actually a bit of a return to the fold as I grew up in Nunawading!

      Gourmet Girl looked good (and busy) last Friday night – a lot of people sitting outside in the unseasonably warm temperatures! 🙂

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