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I heart Pizza Heart (Box Hill North)

Pizza Heart gets a lot of love in the Blackburn-Box Hill area.

“Oh, you’ve moved in around the corner? You have to try Pizza Heart in the Kerrimuir shops.”

“The best pizza around here has to be Pizza Heart.”

Big calls, all… can it stack up to the other contenders? Mr B and I had to try it given the glowing reviews.

We ordered:

  • the lamb pizza, “tomato base, mozzarella, tender marinated lamb, rosemary potatoes, touch of garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper finished with tzatziki dip and fresh herbs.”
  • the smoky bandit, “tomato base, mozzarella, sliced ham, chriozo sausage, sliced chicken breast, bacon topped with smokey BBQ sauce”


The lamb pizza was a hearty roast lamb dinner on a pizza. As well as the lamb, which was tender, not dry like some lamb pizza can be, the rosemary potatoes certainly added heft and a dose of carb-on-carb action that’s best left to the very hungry. This was a hard pizza to eat in the hand due to the weight of the toppings, but the balance of flavours was great.

Lamb pizza, pizza heart

Big tick for presentation, what a fun tsatsiki spiral we have here.

The other pizza was I do believe the smoky bandit, essentially a barbecue meatlovers pizza. Mr B ordered that one, of course. He noshed away at it but I can’t give you a glowing review of it because I have a personal hatred of pizza made with barbecue sauce, plus I’m just not a meatlovers fan. Mr B says: “it was fine.”

Smoky bandit pizza hear

Meat overload

Pizza Heart has a good selection of vegetarian pizza as well, not just a token one or two but an entire five to choose from. They offer gluten free bases too, if that’s your bag.

On another occasion,  which I forgot to document with photographic evidence, we ordered the Tuscan pizza: “tomato base, sliced chicken breast, baby spinach, feta, mozzarella, fresh tomato and a touch of garlic,” which I found to be a bit bland, honestly. I think it’s just the combination of flavours though. If I think I can make things at home with similar results, I don’t tend to value them as much from a shop.

I must say though, that I’ve never been able to achieve bases as good as Pizza Heart’s at home!

I don’t think Pizza Heart has replaced Alitalia in our hearts but it is definitely a worthy runner-up. We can see how it has earned all the hype and I must also comment that service was great and they have eftpos.

Pizza Heart on Urbanspoon


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