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Apparently it’s healthy! Rocket Pizza, South Melbourne

Rocket Pizza
196 Wells Street (near corner of Park Street)
South Melbourne (Urbanspoon calls it Southbank; Urbanspoon is WRONG).

If you’re looking for a pizza in South Melbourne, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. I could list them all off, but you guys know how to google; what I’d like to draw your attention to is this little charmer, Rocket Pizza, in the same little group of shops that also houses the (in)famous Don Don around the corner.

Rocket Pizza’s claim to fame is that the pizzas are ‘healthy’ – but don’t let that put you off. Apparently, they have less saturated fat. I’m not sure if that’s because they put less cheese on (they definitely do use less) but what’s resulted here is a pretty awesome, not hugely authentic but really delicious group of pizzas that you can feel slightly superior about eating.

Some of the gourmet pizzas are really good, particularly the vegetarian ones, which make you feel doubly virtuous. On a recent visit I got the gourmet vegetarian which has dollops of pesto on top of it adding heaps of flavour to the grilled zucchini, capsicum, olives and goats cheese:

Rocket Pizza - Gourmet Vegetarian from above

Eat with your eyes - Rocket gourmet vegetarian pizza

The other good thing about Rocket Pizza is that the menu caters for all of the regular favourites. So say you’re Mr Behemoth, and perhaps you’d prefer Wise Guys over the road  or Pizza Hut on Clarendon Street (lookie, I saved you some googling!) but your girlfriend wants Rocket Pizza – you can still order a meatlovers:

Rocket meatlovers pizza

Meatlovers... not sure how healthy this is but it probably still beats Pizza Hut's version, eh.

I’ve shown you both ends of the spectrum, but rest assured they also cater for the omnivorous, not just the carnivorous and vegetarian. Here’s another gratuitous shot of the gourmet vegetarian, because my iphone was taking nice(r) photos that day (below).

Rocket Pizza - Gourmet Vegetarian

Gratuitous gourmet guzzle-cam

In summary: Give Rocket Pizza a go, especially if you’re a local. It’s pretty delicious and caters for all tastes (with that aforementioned side order of virtuousness). Also there’s a small restaurant so you can eat in too if you like. The only other blog I can find that’s reviewed Rocket Pizza (and it’s not exactly a review, but it does say it’s good!) is Gluten Free Melbourne… which suggests the pizzas can also be gluten free! How ’bout that. (I checked the menu and they can be, by the way. Yep, saved you that googling too, coeliacs.) Enjoy your pizzas!

Rocket Pizza on Urbanspoon


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