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Around the Cafes in a few Training Days

I haven’t posted for a while (two or three weeks!) and feel a bit naughty about letting my twice-weekly posting schedule get away from me. This is mainly because I haven’t stopped eating. I have about 30 posts sitting in drafts and honestly if I don’t finish them soon I’m going to forget what I … Continue reading

Newbie in Noosa: What to eat in a day-and-a-half
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Newbie in Noosa: What to eat in a day-and-a-half

Covered in this post: Berardo’s Bistro on the Beach (dinner) Bistro C Beachside (breakfast/brunch) Canteen (lunch) When work sent me on a junket field trip to SE Queensland I was very excited. Why? Because finally I was going to nice places, with beaches, and restaurants, and work was paying. Normally the kinds of field trips … Continue reading