Albert Park-Port Melbourne / Eating Out

Arabian breakfast at Kamel, Albert Park

19 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park

Ahhhh. Brunch. Is there any finer meal to eat out? It’s:

  • cheaper than dinner
  • delicious in all respects (breakfast has to be my favourite meal of the day, even when eaten at lunchtime and at dinner – beg pardon – brinner)
  • inspiring, because while there are some things I simply cannot do like poach an egg (I’ve tried, and failed miserably), sometimes the flavour combinations you get at brunch are totally recreatable in the home kitchen

This brings me to Kamel, an eatery in Albert Park that by day does brunch, and by night transforms into a cool little  Middle-Eastern-inspired restaurant. We were riding our bikes this day, so chaining them up out the front (yep, ample space) we were quickly seated at a cute little table for two in the window.

Deep in the grip of my baked eggs obsession, which I doubt will ever moderate, I went straight for the baked eggs dish with sujuk, a type of Turkish sausage. A good point about the service here: when I ordered it the waitress made sure to confirm that I knew sujuk was sausage in case I was vegetarian and was about to be disappointed with my dish. I thought that was very good of her – particularly as no, I didn’t have a clue what sujuk was. (At that stage I probably thought I was ordering some sort of delicious cheese.)

Baked eggs, Kamel

Baked eggs with turkish sausage

My breakfast was spicy, tomato-ey and very good. As you can see from the picture above, the ample Turkish bread supplied was also extremely good with heaps of flavour from the blackened toasted bits.

Mr B, as is his wont, ordered the Kamel version of a big breakfast, which comprised all of the components you see below. He was happy with it, and I thought the way it was presented in the big square dish was something interesting and different to the norm.

The Kamel big breakfast

Hump breakfast – two eggs, mushroom, bacon, tomato, spinach

To sum it all up, if brekky is this good, I’d really like to come back and try the dinner options out. And that opening remark about being able to recreate these flavours in the home kitchen? I’m not sure, Kamel. You’ve done this pretty well.

Kamel on Urbanspoon


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