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Surfing the menu on the Gold Coast

As part of the same work trip as the Noosa trip, I also found myself hanging out in Surfers Paradise for around the same amount of time. While my visit was to the centre of Surfers Paradise (and gee, there are some dodgy places there), there was time to check out other activity centres on the Gold Coast. I ended up visiting Broadbeach twice: once for dinner at Guzman y Gomez and once for breakfast at Caffe Republic.

I didn’t know where to have breakfast, and relied on Urbanspoon to suggest places for me. I looked everywhere for one that was supposed to be located in the centre of Surfers, Black Coffee Lyrics (Centre Arcade). I don’t know, maybe I was just blind but I couldn’t find it. I ended up jumping back into my hire car and heading off to Broadbeach, where I was pleased to find Caffe Republic on Hedges. It’s in amongst quieter residential streets, and about a street back from the beach. You’ll know it, because it’s packed! You order and pay at the counter, and I ordered their bircher muesli. A bit of a departure for me, but I’m starting to get more adventurous with my breakfasts (you can only order poached eggs about 10 times in a row before thinking you should probably try something else).

Well. The bircher muesli came, and blew my MIND.

Caffe B bircher muesli

This has to be the nicest looking bircher muesli I’ve seen.

Mounds of grated apple! Slivered almonds! Honey! Berry compote! And the presentation!

I was very pleased with my ordering prowess (I also ordered a flat white, you don’t need to see a picture of that) and hoovered it all up, mixing it all up and enjoying the combination of flavours and textures. Recommend!

Caffe Republic on Hedges on Urbanspoon

It feels a bit funny reviewing Guzman y Gomez, because it is fast food. Just because it’s not in Melbourne, does that make it more special? It’s still order and pay at the counter, sit in the franchised store that is similar to Mad Mex… I’d been wanting to try it ever since I saw the queues in Westfield Sydney’s food court and read Libby’s review of the Broadbeach outlet.

Guzman Jarritos

Mandarina – sweet as, but authentic Mexican Jarritos brand – que bueno!

I have a huge soft spot / craving place for Mexican ever since I spent six weeks backpacking around there, and I’m really pleased we’re getting closer and closer to the truth in what Mexican food we can eat in Australia. See you later Taco Bill! (Not that there isn’t a place for tex-mex in my heart either, there’s enough love for all).

I ordered the combo deal, three tacos with guacamole. Oh man, I can’t remember which one is which, but I got the spicy chicken guerrero, barramundi and pork chipotle. They come with pico de gallo (salsa) and tomatillo salsa and there is a condiments bar where you can add extra hot sauce or other bits (jalapenos etc.) as you desire.

guzman meal

The guac was unreal.

Of the three I much preferred the pork chipotle and thought the barramundi was the weakest of the bunch. They use corn tortillas, which is a bit more authentic – I think flour tortillas are available further north in Mexico, but everywhere I went, it was tortillas de maiz.

Guzman tacos

Served in a cute newspapered basket.

I’m pleased to note Guzman y Gomez are expanding south of the border, down Mexico way… in Melbourne’s Highpoint shopping centre. They do what they do well.

Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria on Urbanspoon


6 thoughts on “Surfing the menu on the Gold Coast

  1. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day – so many different things (sweet, savoury, other…) to choose from! Loving that grated apple… makes me want to do it at home.

    • I would love to… but at the same time I am never that organised 😦

      The night before, I never think “oh hey, Future Cat might really like it if I put some muesli on to soak with yoghurt etc.”

      Maybe one day!

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    I will be in Goldie next weekend – looking forward to getting away from the miserable Melbourne weather. That bircher muesli looks divine – my bf lives in the area so perhaps I can convince him to take me there for breakfast 🙂

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