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Breakfast, cubed (Cafe Qube, Fairfield)

Cafe Qube
127 Station Street

Well, I am just powering through the backlog of reviews that I had. I don’t think I’ve gone out to eat much in the last few weeks. It’s all about balance (and catching up!). Speaking of catching up, a long time friend (we drooled on each other as babies in Mothers Group, that’s how long time) has just bought a place in Fairfield and we decided to catch up over brunch. With no places in mind – except that the cafe had to serve pancakes – we strolled in to Cafe Qube, a large-ish space located on the eastern side of Station Street.

I ordered a veggie breakfast and Y went for pancakes, that being the craving of the morning for her. The pancakes were thick but not stodgy, and they looked as though they went down a treat.

Qube pancakes

We were impressed by the presentation

For some reason I can’t eat pancakes for breakfast – they make me think of dessert food – so I went for the Veggie Breakfast, which turned up as a plateful of yummy breakfast food, including a McDonalds style hash brown (I hope you don’t mean I’m putting it down when I write that, because they are pretty delicious!), what felt like a whole avocado, mushrooms, spinach and grilled tomatoes as well as two poached eggs.

Qube veggie breakky

Full plate!

The let-down was the bread. If this hadn’t come with Safeway bakery wholemeal bread, but rather a crusty sourdough it would have been so much better. Hell – just the supermarket “artisan” sourdough, you know – aim high! The mushrooms and tomatoes would have done better with a bit more herbs and seasoning etc., but really the bread is the key difference here between an all right breakfast I could cook at home, to a dish I’d recommend to others. I know, it sounds picky to focus on the bread… but it’s important to me damnit!

Qube also apparently does dinners, but reading the reviews on Urbanspoon they seem mixed. Your experience appears to be dish-dependent. Overall, Cafe Qube was a nice spot for a breakfast if you live locally, but I wouldn’t cross town for it.

Cafe Qube on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Breakfast, cubed (Cafe Qube, Fairfield)

  1. Bread is definitely make-or-break – that goes for breads served with breakfasts and soups and while waiting to order at restaurants. I always feel so cheated without a good slice!

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