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Not the Queen’s Christmas Message

Whew! How’s everyone going? Everything cooked for Christmas? I made this green beans in roasted tomato vinaigrette with some variations (might do a post about it later) to take to my family do, haven’t tasted it properly yet so not sure if it’s nice yet (thanks Curtis).

Just popped by to say Merry Christmas, and:- I’ve finally figured out why Jamie Oliver uses such horrifying quantities of olive oil (“whack in 8 tablespoons of olive oil”). Well, the number one reason is that he loves the stuff, but also, an Australian tablespoon is 20mL but a British and American tablespoon is 15mL. So where he’s putting in 120mL and saying 8 tablespoons, I’m putting in 160mL (or nearly an extra three Brit tablespoons)! No wonder everything is oily!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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