Google Reader Help!

So if you are an avid blog-reader like me, you might be using Google Reader to keep track of all your subscriptions and sync between reading on your smartphone and reading on the computer.

But Google have announced that from July 1 2013 they’re switching off Google Reader. No idea why – it’s a useful product that actually works. Perhaps so that they have the cash to float wifi balloons above developing nations? (Not that I’ve anything against that, good work Google.)

I love reading blogs via RSS. It’s like a mini personalised feed of awesome delivered straight to my phone or computer, and I’m not a fan of cluttering up my Facebook – which is reserved for updates friends and family only – with blog posts. There’re already too many ads on there distracting me as it is. Google claimed that not many people use RSS any more – I beg to differ.

So I’ve been trialling out Feedly because apparently that’s a worthwhile replacement for the ol’ G-reader. But I don’t really like it. I’ve been using FeeddlerRSS on my iPhone to read blogs for ages, and perhaps I don’t like change. Feedly seems too picture heavy, too flashy with all its transitions and flicky gestures.

Anyway – I put the call out to anyone who has opinions in this area – what should I do? Have you tried an alternative that you really like? Particularly for mobile RSS on the go – I’m not so fussed about the computer. Is Feedly really the ‘best of the rest’?


7 thoughts on “Google Reader Help!

  1. I recommend feedly. I started using it when I first heard about Google Reader shutting down and it’s been my favourite. I also like Flipboard for devices.

    • whooopps, should have read the whole thing before I posted. There was another that I tried called RSS owl, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t view all my unread items at the same time.

  2. I downloaded Feedly on my work computer but wasn’t happy from the start. Plus I wanted something that I could access anywhere without having to download anything I have now switched to The Old Reader and am very happy with it.

  3. Have you tried fiddling around with feedly’s settings? In the desktop version at least, there are a range of layouts you can choose between, from picture-heavy pinteresty ones through to text-based lists (as another former user of Google Reader, I prefer the latter).

    I’m going with feedly for now, but I read an enthusiastic recommendation for Bloglovin’ today as an alternative.

    • Ooh that’s a good idea Cindy. I must admit when I started playing with Feedly it was only on my phone, and I haven’t fiddled with the settings at all. Perhaps (given the impending deadline!) I need to investigate it a bit more!

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