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When the moon hits your eye like Alitalia Pizza, Burwood Heights

Alitalia Pizza and Pasta
2 Burwood Highway
Burwood Heights Shops (cnr Middleborough Road)

Another day, another pizza review. Tipped off to this joint by a friend from tennis, we have now visited Alitalia twice within the past month, ordering a nice selection for your blog viewing pleasure – and our eating pleasure, because we liked it!

You won’t find gourmet thin wood-fired pizza crusts here, but you will find a good selection of pizzas with flavoursome toppings and a thick, yet not doughy base with a bit of crunch. It’s basically your classic suburban pizza shop with none of the disappointment. Lovely service and when they estimate how long your pizza’s going to take, they are spot on to the minute.

The first time we went, we ordered a special – two family pizzas, two garlic breads and a 1.25L soft drink for $40. These pizzas fed us two pizza lovers through at least six meals, bringing the total cost per meal down to $6.70!


Super special. And consumed while binge watching Archer – or was it Game of Thrones?

The Alitalia House Special (ham, onion, capsicum, mushrooms, bacon and garlic) was a good mix of toppings – not too many and a good foil for the super spicy Mexicana (hot salami, jalapenos AND chilli, as well as capsicum, onion and olives) which we had also ordered.

Alitalia House Special

House special: As a couple, we really should stop ordering family size pizzas.


Mexicana: This was hot, even for me. I had to put it down and say “hoo boy” a few times.

The second time, we just ordered the pizzas by themselves (you can’t gorge yourself on garlic bread all the time or self-hatred will ensue).

Mr B went with The Lot, and I ordered off the Gourmet menu – Greco, marinated lamb with capsicum, spinach leaves, fetta and olives. It also came with garlicky tsatsiki type yoghurt to put on top, but that came separately, in two little tubs.

A mysterious dip

A mysterious dip…

We weren’t entirely sure whether we were supposed to put it on the pizza (Mr B said they gave it to us as a present for our pizzas not being quite ready, but I was unconvinced)  and in the end blobbed it doubtfully on a section or two and then ended up eating it as a dip for the rest of the week. Yes, we could have just looked at the menu and seen it was meant to be there. Yes, we were hungry and stupid.

The Lot

The Lot: Mr B’s hand whipping the pizza out of frame – a still life

Lamb pizza

The lamb was garlicky and delicious – I really enjoyed this pizza. Note the wishy washy blobs of yoghurt I put on parts of it.

Greco pizza glamour shot

Greco pizza glamour shot

A great little pizza shop, and one we’ll be returning to.

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