Box Hill / Eating Out

Indochine, Box Hill

51 Carrington Road
Box Hill

After visiting Tien Dat the girls I was dining with decided that we should do a bit of a tour around Box Hill eateries for our catch-up dinners. Dumplings were eaten at Dumpling King but really I’d wanted to try Indochine for ages. Mum has been on several occasions – tennis dinners, catch-ups with primary school parents – and talked it up.

I’m going to do something different in this post and tell the story through the picture captions. Enjoy!

Hanoi spring rolls, Indochine

Spring rolls are the appetiser no-one has to think twice about.

Pho bo, Indochine

The pho bo as it arrived…

Pho bo

Pho bo, post accessorising. The meat was pre-cooked in this, so I found it disappointingly tough.

Bun with beef and spring rolls, Indochine

Although it was a cold night, bun salad was the ticket.

Singapore noodles, Indochine

Visible prawns make diners happy.

Lemon tart, Indochine

Mmmmmm… lemon tart. I really love how the Vietnamese use the best bits of the French rule, like baguettes and patisserie.

Banana fritter, Indochine

Unfortunately Indochine have chosen against the hilarious placement of one banana, two balls of icecream, so beloved by diners for generations.

Other than the disappointing pho, I preferred this place for a night out to Tien Dat (which would be fine for a lunch!). Service seemed less rushed and forgetful, and dishes were better presented. Just don’t order pho (or specify that you like rare beef) and you’ll be fine.

Indochine on Urbanspoon


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