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Lashing out at Lamaro’s (South Melbourne)

273 Cecil Street
South Melbourne

Lamaro’s has been on my South Melbourne wishlist ever since moving to the area two years ago. Therefore, I was super excited that a friend’s hen’s party was held there recently – I know, classy joint for a hen’s!

So… I wonder whether this is the first time Lamaro’s has served penis straws in its glasses?

Fun and games at the hen's, Lamaro's

Modelling competition from later in the dinner. It would be too rude for the blog, but we covered it in sequins.

We had one of the private dining rooms, and a function menu that included three courses and what seemed to be unlimited drinks for a very reasonable price. Staff were very professional and friendly, dealing with increasingly tipsy and cackling girls, and honestly… I’d really recommend having a hen’s party work function any function here!

I didn’t do much research before going as I assumed we’d just be served whatever we got, but, excitingly, Lamaro’s lets you make choices in a function. J and I shared tastes of our plates so we got to try the majority of dishes.

Apparently, the menu changes regularly, so I’m unable to confirm what all these dishes were apart from my hazy memory of what they were called on the night. However, the overall experience was of such a high quality that even if they are not serving what I’m about to outline, I’d go just to check out the new menu anyway!

Goats cheese souffle, Lamaro's

Goats cheese souffle, Lamaro’s

For entree I ordered the goats cheese souffle. Mainly because I have eaten about two souffles in my life, and both have been sweet. It was light and savoury and delicious.

Meanwhile, J ordered the pork belly entree, which felt like a rather large serve for an entree and was equally delicious. I can’t believe there was a time in my life when I had never tasted pork belly. And now it’s ubiquitous on menus, and I couldn’t be happier.

Pork belly, Lamaro's

Pork belly, Lamaro’s

For mains, I decided to be a little more adventurous than usual and ordered the duck dish, which was twice cooked, if memory serves me correctly. This was probably cooked one too many times, if that was the case – a little overcooked, but still undoubtedly tasty and a generous serving. The exterior was sticky and unctuous and the slightly dry flesh on the inside teamed well with the sides – roast potatoes and a slightly pickled salad that cut through the richness of the duck.

Twice cooked duck, Lamaro's

Twice cooked duck, Lamaro’s

J, on the other hand, went for the steak bearnaise, a worthy choice and if I had my time over again I probably would have picked it. The steak was cooked just how J liked it and, as shown in the picture below, there was lashings of bearnaise sauce. The steak came with a mysterious square object. I think it was some sort of potato dish, but given the amazingly (and probably deep fried, they were so good) crispy roast potatoes on the table, it was completely redundant.

Steak bearnaise, Lamaro's

Steak bearnaise, Lamaro’s

We assumed the meal ended there – but we were asked if we wanted dessert! I must say, the function menu at Lamaro’s is very generous. I of course picked the chocolate fondant pudding, while J went for a creme brulee platter.

Chocolate fondant, Lamaro's

Chocolate fondant, Lamaro’s

Mmmm, molten chocolate interior…

Chocolate fondant action shot

Chocolate fondant action shot

Jo’s creme brulee cracked satisfyingly.

Desserts, Lamaro's

Creme brulee, Lamaro’s






Honestly, I was beyond stoked with the function menu here, and the way the staff put up with increasingly drunk (yet I like to think not unappreciative) girls conducting fun and games the way hen’s nights do. I’d really recommend looking into Lamaro’s for a function, or a special meal at one of the best gastropubs around.Lamaro's on Urbanspoon


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