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When life gives you lemons… eat Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine (South Melbourne)

Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine
29 York Street
South Melbourne

Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine is located in the vaguely industrial area of South Melbourne between Clarendon Street and Kings Way. Operating out of a cute little house, its welcoming lights form a  respite from the street, which was bitterly cold the day we had dinner there.

This is one of the better Thai options around South Melbourne. Flavours seem to be brighter, fresher, more authentic – although I’ve never been to Thailand, so what do I know, am I right?

Green curry chicken, Sweet Lemon Thai

Green curry chicken – such a standard Anglo order at a Thai restaurant 😉

They have a dinner deal where you get a dish, rice and two spring rolls Around the table, we ordered our ‘usuals’ – chilli and basil (pad krapow) chicken stir fry for me, green curry chicken for Mr Behemoth, and chilli and basil tofu stir fry for our friend who is vegan.

Pad Krapow, Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine

Prawn spring rolls complete the dish.

The meals were tasty, packed with crunchy (but cooked!) vegetables and the chilli and basil did not skimp on the chilli, which I found both bracing and beautiful. The prawn spring rolls were great – basically prawn only, not minced, and crisp and tender.

We’ll have to go back here sometime soon to check it out again – it’s definitely our closest and favourite cheap eats Thai restaurant, with the Isthmus of Kra closer but as yet untried (it’s rumoured to be expensive). Highly recommend checking out this neighbourhood gem.

Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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