Eating Out / Melbourne CBD

Blow me down with a banh mi (N.Lee Bakery, Melbourne CBD)

N.Lee Bakery Cafe
62 Little Collins Street (just up from the corner with Exhibition St)
Melbourne CBD

World’s quickest review here to say that I finally, finally got around to trying the Vietnamese pork meatball baguettes that N.Lee Bakery does near my work, and it was just as good as everyone says. And that, if you are asked whether you want chilli, and say yes, it is your own fault later on when you spend the next half an hour barely coping at your desk.

Pork meatball roll, N.Lee

Good amount of salad and herbs.

Mm-mm! And only $5.50 which is eminently reasonable when you look at the ridiculous prices being charged for sandwiches around the CBD.

I’d like to get out and try some of the other banh mi around town. Particularly I want to revisit one Mr B and I ate in Vietnam which had pork crackling in it as well… mmmm *trails off into Homer Simpsonesque drool*. This blog entry rating a bunch of banh mi around Melbourne by Penny from Addictive & Consuming might just be the right place to start…

N.Lee Bakery on Urbanspoon


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