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Moar crepes! Roule Galette, Melbourne CBD

Roule Galette Scott Alley (241 Flinders Lane, between Swanston & Elizabeth) Melbourne CBD web: So I always thought I was a bit of a savoury crêpe hater. Not sure why – I like nearly all carb-based products. Anyway, I suddenly decided I didn’t, and now it’s been raining crepes (yeah, you get the circumflex once only in this review) in Fresh Bread land. Roule Galette is down a side alley off Flinders Lane. A very Melbourne address. Swanny and I walk past every time we go to Spanish class, and generally have this conversation: “Oh hey, there’s that crepes place.” “Yeah, we should try it some time.” It was some time in May when we finally ventured in and learned that savoury crepes are actually made with buckwheat flour, and called galettes. I ask you: why did we not learn interesting things like this in VCE French? I can’t remember anything now, anyway, as Spanish is such a similar language that French has been pushed right out of my head. But I feel I might have been much more keen to learn had we worked on les vocabulaires culinaires (note: I just made that up. I don’t know if it’s correct French).

Henry of Harcourt cider

Roule Galette sells Henry’s of Harcourt cider, possibly Mr B’s favourite cider!

We ordered two galettes for our dinner. I went for the Océane because it came with smoked salmon and a creamy chive sauce. Hel-lo, smoked salmon. Swanny got the Forestière, which had a bechamel sauce, mushrooms, bacon and cheese.

Oceane, Roule Galette

Mmm, smoked salmon.

The smoked salmon on my Océane galette was cold from the fridge, but the hot and crispy yet chewy galette underneath provided the warmth to take the edge off. The chive sauce was divine. It was a light dinner but a satisfying one. Swanny struggled a bit with her galette, as the Forestière was a richer meal. By the end the cheesiness of it all overpowered her a little bit.

Forestiere, Roule Galette

Innocuous exterior. Underneath – molten cheese.

The galettes being quite a light dinner, our attention turned to the delicious looking dessert crepes everyone else was ordering. Dessert was on! We shared a Belle Helene, which was basically chocolate sauce, poached pears and cream. It was magnificent, as the picture below attests to.

Chocolate, pears and creme crepe

Delicious crepe dessert

Crepes and galettes are reasonably priced between $5-$12. Roule Galette is a pretty small place, with about five tables inside and three outside. I hear it gets really busy at lunchtimes, but on a Wednesday in the early evening, we had no trouble getting a table inside. Recommend! About 30 other bloggers have posted on Roule Galette on Urbanspoon, so if my opinion doesn’t sway you, you have 29 to go… Roule Galette on Urbanspoon


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