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Apple Cake Search: Port Bakehouse

Port Bakehouse

Port Bakehouse

I agree with the statement Port Bakehouse makes in its window…

And so it came to pass that we were unsatisfied from our breakfasts at seven:am, and decided to look for breakfast dessert elsewhere in Port Melbourne. Mr B’s favourite bakery treat is an apple cake. He had a really good one once, and since then, has been on the hunt for an equally good apple cake – which turns out to be harder to find than you would think!

Suddenly, the thought of a series of blog posts reviewing apple cakes around Melbourne legitimised us both getting an apple cake from Port Bakehouse, further up Bay Street. Really nice service, lovely ladies and a good selection of cakes and treats. But we were there for one reason, and one reason only. The apple cake.

However – the apple cake was very light on apple. The ratio of pastry to apple was all wrong! I thought there was a generous amount of icing but if you call your treat an apple cake, there should be enough apple. What we had were “pastry and icing cakes”. The search continues…

Mr B’s verdict:

“It was okay. I’m always underwhelmed when I eat them. Maybe I should just try a different bakery treat.”
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