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Noshing at Nshry, Albert Park

129a Beaconsfield Parade (on the beach side, at the end of Kerferd Road)
Albert Park

Mr Behemoth has been studying really hard for the Level 2 CFA exam, so our weekend brunches have dropped off. I’m a social eater-outer; I like eating with other people and sharing food. When I go to the supermarket by myself of a weekend morning, I don’t deviate from the mission in pursuit of eggs (other than buying a lot more stuff to cook while I’m at the market/supermarket, but that’s another story!). Anyway, I got the offer of lunch out with Mr B as his study break and jumped at the chance to visit Nshry (pronounced: “noshery”).

I first spotted Nshry when I went for a run to the beach from our house (sounds fit doesn’t it). As I pulled up and doubled over next to the seawall gasping for breath (ah, getting closer to the truth now) I spotted a whole bunch of people enjoying an un-sweaty breakfast in the sunshine on a kiosk jutting out into the beach and vowed to come back.

Campos coffee, Nshry

Campos coffee. I’ve seen this brand more round Sydney than Melbourne previously.

It was wet and rainy by the time we made it on Anzac Day so we beelined for a table inside. The menu serves brekky till 3pm as well as a bunch of interesting sounding lunch-type things, and apparently from January this year they have been opening for dinner.

The key thread running through the menu is umami, that fifth sense of taste (or is it sixth? or am I thinking of Bruce Willis…) comprising all those full savoury flavours you get in aged parmesan, truffles – well, as is my understanding, I’ve never had a truffle. In fact, quite a few of the lunchtime diners (yeah, we made it there around 2pm) were tucking into the Umami Burger, a smallish but, according to fellow bloggers The Burger Adventure, an apparently perfectly proportioned burger, laden with tasty umami savour.

We went with breakfast dishes. Due in part to the cold I plumped for Spicy Eggs, two poached eggs on parmesan and gruyere toast (Noisette sundried tomato sourdough toast, mind you!) with chilli oil, spicy chorizo and spinach.

Spicy Eggs, Nshry

All that chorizo can’t be heart healthy, but it sure is tongue tasty.

It was excellent. I reckon one of the best egg dishes I’ve had for quite a while. Perfectly poached eggs, umami cheese, hot chorizo and spinach to calm it all down a notch. Now, it was pretty greasy thanks to the chorizo and chili oil, so it’s not the kind of brunch you can delude yourself into thinking it’s semi-healthy, but…

Mr B got the Nshry Breakfast, being the ‘Big Breakfast ordering behemoth of the Fresh Bread food blog.’ Quite a name I just crowned him with. It comprised a 65/65 egg – a soft yolked egg cooked at 65 degrees for 65 minutes; quite a different texture to a normal poached egg but diviiiine. This was Mr B’s first.

I’m reviewing the Nshry menu available online, and it actually says tempura egg, not 65 egg. Huh. Maybe I got that wrong. Anyway the texture of the egg and yolk totally reminded me of a 65 degree egg, regardless….

What else was in the Nshry breakfast? Oh, I don’t know, what about: goats cheese, jamon, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, all in a tomato vinaigrette.

NSHRY breakfast

That is one good looking breakfast.

Mr B pronounced it the best breakfast out he’s had out. High praise.

I can’t wait to go back, and try eating his dish, the other dishes, the lunch dishes and maybe the dinner menu and fish and chips from the servery window! Yes, this former kiosk still serves chips out the window as well.

Nshry has copped a fair bit more blogger interest – for other reviews, check out Off the Spork’s recent breakfast (looks amazing); Two Munch, who sampled the lunch menu (delicious burgers); doublecooked said it targets the young professionals demographic (guilty) and hipsters (nahh, I’m too mainstream) but liked the food; and Sharking for Chips & Drinks went early on and saw promise.

So, if you’re reading this far: let me know where your best breakfast out is at the moment? This is my current contender for number one, but I’m always willing to try new places!

Nshry on Urbanspoon


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