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Scoping Sezana’s Coffee Shop, South Melbourne

Sezana’s Coffee Shop
247 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne

Just a quick review today: walking down Clarendon Street in March with a friend, the decision was made to try out Sezana’s Coffee Shop for brunch. According to some of the reviews on Urbanspoon, this place is good for burgers – well, we didn’t rate our brunches, so perhaps the burgers here are good.

Mr B and I got the big brekky ($15) with poached eggs, which turned out to be rock solid. The other components were just okay, although the hash brown was McDonalds style (but don’t we kind of like that, deep down)? The bread was plain white bread. Generous servings of mushrooms and bacon went part way toward redeeming the eggs on toast feature, but honestly, I can make this better and cheaper at home.

Big brekky, Sezana's Coffee Shop

Yes. Those are hard poached eggs.

Our vegetarian friend who also doesn’t eat eggs constructed her own breakfast from the menu. She didn’t say much about it. Those are un-tizzed up baked beans from a can. I have those at home too.

Vegetarian breakfast

Vegetarian breakfast, Sezana's coffee shop

South Melbourne has an abundance of good cafes and I see no reason to waste my time at the not-good ones. We didn’t have to wait for a table here, but we did have to wait a while for our meals. I won’t be coming back here for breakfast. The burgers on the menu – maybe. There is a challenge on the wall to eat a chilli laden one (habaneros, ghost chillies and all). If I find a gullible and/or drunk and vulnerable friend I can talk into giving that a go, I will be back!

Sezanas Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon


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