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George Calombaris versus penalty rates

I’m in Vietnam and waiting for my photos to upload to Facey (which the Vietnamese government tries to block and every good guesthouse has a proxy workaround, hah!) so just thought I’d point you to this great post about George Calombaris’s comments regarding it being uneconomical for him to open his restaurants on Sundays here. The comments are even more entertaining: one of my favourites is by Sash Ivanov: “Take away my penalty rates and I’ll spit in your food”. One commenter raised the point that we should be going after all the other restaurants that illegally employ people and pay them $10-$15 cash in hand as well…

I’m also surprised he knocked his staff for not having university degrees – I would have thought the calibre of wait staff required for the Press Club etc., would have oceans of experience and command a higher premium than the lifer at Maccas down the road. Can’t have increased morale too much among GC’s staff!


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