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A little brunch and a little lunch at Brown Sugar Cafe, Melbourne CBD

While out doing a marathon five hour Christmas shop in Melbourne CBD Mr Behemoth grew hungry and tired (after only two hours, pffft! Weak!) and took me to a cafe that he has frequented with friends before for lunch: Brown Sugar Cafe. It’s in Block Place, ie. that lane everyone knows as the one you walk down to get to Haigh’s chocolate shop from Bourke Street Mall (it joins Block Arcade).

First up we ordered drinks: hot chocolate for me, a departure from the norm – perhaps occasioned by my staring at the Haighs sign prior to ordering? – and iced coffee for him, very much one of the the standard Behemoth drink orders.

Drinks - Brown Sugar Cafe

Hot choc on the left, iced coffee on the right (duh), Mr Behemoth elbow on far left.

Apologies for the iphone photos but this blogger ain’t even got a working digital camera – the last one packed it in at the Taj Mahal, a so-conveniently photogenic location for a camera to pack it in. Luckily for me, innumerable Indian families wished to have their photo taken with me (it’s something about the red hair). Confession: I may have told some of them I was Nicole Kidman

I can’t find the menu online to confirm the names of what we had, but Mr Behemoth took advantage of the all day breakfast menu and ordered the “deluxe breakfast”, two fried eggs, sausage, hash, bacon, and toast. . As you can see in the photo below he was keen to start tucking in while I faffed around with my phone.

Brown Sugar Cafe deluxe breakfast

"Deluxe Breakfast", Brown Sugar Cafe.

I must say, for a “deluxe” breakfast at a fairly deluxe price (from memory – around $18), I expected better. Mr Behemoth said it was dry and needed sauce. We’ve had pretty amazing breakfasts at the places around Melbourne so maybe we were expecting too much for the price. However: disappointing.

Not so disappointing though was my Moroccan lamb salad with couscous and yoghurt dressing. The lamb was juicy and tender, the couscous had soaked up the dressing nicely and the whole thing was served on a bed of rocket (and a few random cos lettuce leaves, as well as one giant cos leaf that I couldn’t be bothered eating). I also enjoyed the addition of some roast pumpkin and capsicum in there as well as red onion – which I generally pick out for breath purposes at lunchtime sans toothbrush but appreciate the inclusion, if that makes sense. While I guess the “Moroccan” flavour wasn’t that prominent other than the play of meaty and sweet with the tang of the yoghurt dressing, it went down a treat. Still, at around $22, you’d expect it to!

Moroccan lamb salad

"Moroccan Lamb Salad", Brown Sugar Cafe

In summary: Brown Sugar Cafe, as long as you order right, is a nice space to stop out of the hubbub of Bourke Street Mall and get yourself a decent feed albeit a touch overpriced for what it is. (Some of the foccacias going out looked great though, and priced at a more reasonable $13-15 with side salad). Give it a go for lunch (or order better than Mr Behemoth did for breakfast).

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