Hello world!

As a long time voracious consumer of delicious food, and a greedy food blog reader, I guess it was only a matter of time before I moved on and up from some fairly short Urbanspoon reviews and gave blogging a go. It wasn’t until a comment from my boyfriend (Mr Behemoth) this morning along the lines of “you should give it a go” (paraphrased, we were both quite hungover from office Christmas parties last night) that I’ve actually done anything about it though.

This blog will be about all things food: reviews of Melbourne restaurants (and anywhere else I end up on my travels); food I eat overseas; food I cook at home (I’m contemplating a Jamie/Nigella style challenge in the vein of one of my favourite blogs, Sarah Discovers How To Eat); food I cook for friends and anything else that I find interesting enough to share about the food industry (I’m late to the party but thoroughly enjoying reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by the way).

If no-one reads it, that’s fine – while I’d like readers, of course, at least this blog will wind up being a collection of recipes, experiences and links relevant to me and my life – a treasure trove in itself!


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